Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

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May 2018

Abby Cap
Adrian Ricardo S
Adrian S
Adrianne C
Alessandro C
Alex L
Angela P
Angua C
Ania K
Ann Haber
Anna P Piotr P
Antonella Gilberta Fabrizio Alessandra Francesco Andrea Antonio
Arlene C
Arlene C
Aubrey C
Baby Riley
Barbara S
Belisario M
Betty P
Betty W
Bill & Laurie
Bob S
Boyie Jamal W
Bridget M
Bruce F
Capriotti Families
Cari Z
Cari Z
Carleen Jack. Tom. Hal. Klaudya
Carleen Tom jack. Ida. Klaudya Hal
Carleen Tom. Jack. Klaudya Hal Debbie
Carleen. Tom. Hal jack. Kathy Ida
Carol G
Carol L
Clarissa G
Colleen & Husband
Colleen H
Dan B
David Carlos F
David H
David Y
Davideric F
Deckard family
Deckard family
Diane W
Dorothy S
Dot Onufer
Easy F
Easy F
Ed L
Elaine L
Elaine L

Elizabeth M
Ellie V
Elvira R
Eriberto Lara
Eriberto Lara
Erin P
Esther S
Eva’s Sons
Félix A
Froso A
Gabby S
Guilbert M
Guilbert M
Harley’s Grandma
Harold H
Hector A
Henri A
Hernando C
Hilda M
Holly W
huong doan ninh
huong doan ninh
Jack Cap
Jane W
Jane W
Jaseea K
Jean C
Jeanne N
Jerry A
Jesusita R
Jim K
Jo Ann F
Joanne B
Joanne M
Joe H
John H
Johnathan R
Julio C
Karlo N
Karlo N
Kathy & Clem W
Kelicia Archer
Laura Jean Chenicek M
Le’Roy R
Lillian Maureen S
Lillian Maureen S
Lois B
Lori L
Louie T
Louie T
Luis P
Marco A-C
Margaret L

Maria B
Maria G
Marie D
Mary Ellen C
Mary J
Mary Jo
Mary L
Maureen Suzette Choy S
Maureen Suzette Choy S
Michael M
Michael W
Michael W
Mike & Janice W
Morgan M
Nancy C
Nancy Cap
Naomi N
Napoleon C
Natalie Rena M
Néstor y Vida Lau
Néstor y Vida Lau
Nick V
Pam M
Patricia A
Paul C & Nazima K
Philip R
Randi Q
Randy B
Randy P
Rick B
Robert Adrian S
Robert Adrian S
Robert S
Robert S
Ronnie V
Rose B
Sandra B
Sandra M
Sharon M
Stanley J
Stephan L
Suzanne D
Sylvia R
Thomas G
Thomas P
Thomas P
Tim B
Tina C
Tom C
Yolanda Gallo F

Updated 5/14/18